Windsor Primary School
Hornby Street, Windsor, VIC 3181

Tel: (03) 9521 3711

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About School Council

Stonnington Primary School is fortunate to have an active and committed School Council.

The Council meets on at least 8 occasions each year at 6.00pm on a Wednesday evening on the school premises. The School Council holds annual elections with half the members retiring each year. Councillors are elected for two years.

Each school council operates according to a constituting order that details the objectives, functions and powers of a council and, for each individual school council, its size and configuration. A model constituting Order for a school council is at:

There are two separate electorates within a school community:

  • Parent electorate; and
  • Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) employee electorate.

In addition, there is an optional Community member category, and for a small number of school councils, a Nominee member category.

The Parent electorate of the school includes each parent of a student of the school, other than those who are DEECD employees engaged in work at, and for, the school.

A parent of a student of the school who is a DEECD employee, but does not work at and for the school, is included in the Parent electorate. Parent includes a guardian or person who is liable to maintain or has the actual custody of a student of the school.

If a DEECD employee is elected to the Parent category where their child is enrolled but where they do not work, they are counted in the DEECD employee category for school council meeting quorum requirements.
Parent members must comprise more than one-third of the council’s total membership.

The principal is the Executive Officer of the Council.