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Choir at Stonnington Primary School

One of the high points of 2012 was the commencement of the school choir, under the direction of Dorothy McMahon. In 2015, the school's music teacher, Paul Cartwright, took over leadership of the choir. Participation is voluntary and is held for half an hour per week. The students have performed a number of songs for morning assemblies, end of term school get togethers, class performances, whole school celebrations i.e. Harmony Day and parent groups. Stonnington Primary School students have collaborated with the school’s Student Welfare Worker in the writing of a School Song. The choir is currently working on creating and performing different versions.
The Choir is an important additional program at the School, encouraging the development of creative expression through the Performing Arts and provides every student the opportunity to be involved and enhance their awareness of the elements of music such as rhythm, tone, beat, colour and harmony. We are pleased to have several students who are members of the Australian Girls’ Choir, singing with our choir.