Windsor Primary School
Hornby Street, Windsor, VIC 3181

Tel: (03) 9521 3711

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Junior Learning Unit (Prep-2)

At Stonnington primary School we provide students with opportunities to achieve independence in listening, speaking, reading and writing through careful program design, considering the needs and interests of individual students. We utilize flexible instructional groupings to provide small group and individual teaching time for the students.

We provide a very successful Reading Intervention Program for students in the early years who need additional support in achieving reading and writing fluency and independence. Our parent and Ardoch volunteers support the classroom program by listening to students read and working with small groups or individuals to help improve reading, writing and numeracy achievement.

In Numeracy, we concentrate on skill development at the student’s own level. The students work on activities to develop and extend their skills. We begin our Numeracy learning in the Early Years with development of basic understanding of the concepts of number and numerals. We encourage our students to reach their full potential in these essential learning areas, as these years help to build the foundations for their future learning.