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School Name Change Proposal

6 October, 2016

Dear Members of the School Community,

As many of you are aware Stonnington Primary School has been going through the process of seeking approval to revert to the original name of Windsor Primary School. The school was founded as Windsor Primary School in 1877 and has undergone significant change in its 138 year history, as has the suburb of Windsor, the suburb in which the school resides.

The history of the school name changes is; in 1994 Prahran Windsor Primary School was born after an amalgamation of Windsor Primary, Prahran Primary and Hawksburn Primary. In 2001 the school was renamed Stonnington Primary School.

Renaming the school to Windsor Primary also represents the new direction the school has taken over the past decade, with new programs, new procedures and a thriving and close-knit make-up of the school community.

Now, firmly embedded in the suburb and community of Windsor, the School Council has applied to the Department of Education and Training for permission to once again be known as Windsor Primary. A process which is drawing to an end.

We propose to roll out the implementation over two years, to eliminate any costs for parents associated with purchasing new uniforms.

As part of the consultation process, it is a requirement that the school specifically informs the community of the proposed name change and continues to seek feedback during the process, hence

If you wish to discuss this further please contact the school office or one of the School Councillors.

Yours Sincerely,

Anne McPhee



Andrew and Buddy receiving their National Award at the Maths Talent Quest presentations.