Windsor Primary School
Hornby Street, Windsor, VIC 3181

Tel: (03) 9521 3711

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Stonnington Primary School Profile


Mission Statement

Stonnington Primary School is committed to the development of a knowledge community that challenges students to recognise their individual potential and ensures learning is a central activity for all. Students are provided with diverse opportunities in a multi-cultural environment where life-long learning is fostered.


Vision Statement

Stonnington Primary School will provide a challenging 21st Century learning environment that:

• Effectively prepares students to be successful and dynamic learners

• Promotes qualities and skills for active an informed global citizenship

• Develops confident, creative individuals, able to contribute positively to a constantly changing society.


At Stonnington Primary School we believe in consultive decision-making processes that include the involvement of all sectors of the school community. All parents are encouraged to be an integral part of the learning process and involvement in all aspects of the school’s operation is valued. Stonnington provides a parent information and professional development program that reflects our belief that a child’s success is directly related to effective partnerships between students, staff and parents.

Stonnington Primary School continues to develop strong links with pre-schools, local secondary schools, support agencies and the local community through:

• Pre-school/Prep children being supported through our buddy system

• Our Stonnington and Glen Eira School Network enables us to work closely with local and primary secondary schools in Prep-9 curriculum. This has culminated in some excellent teacher collaboration, units of work, sharing of rich assessment tasks and valuable transition activities (K-Prep & Yrs 6-7)

• Sharing of resources and conducting valuable programs with outside agencies

• Partnerships with Ardoch Youth Foundation, Bendigo Community Bank Windsor, Stonnington City Council and various community support services

• Lunchtime activities with Presentation College & CBC


Values for Stonnington Primary School

The following values underpin our purpose at Stonnington Primary School:


• Acknowledging the rights and opinions of others including their right to learn

• Being positive about other people, their work and thinking

• Looking after the environment and school equipment

• Acknowledging the personal space of others

• Proudly wearing the SPS uniform


• Maintaining a clean and tidy indoor and outdoor environment

• Cooperating with others

• Regular school attendance

• Punctual arrival to school and class

• Working consistently to complete tasks

• Moving and playing safely


• Encouraging others

• Being positive about efforts

• Accepting others for who they are

• Embracing and celebrating difference

• Working consistently


• Applying oneself to learning

• Demonstrating strength – emotional and academic

• Supporting peers

• Demonstrating reliability and honesty

• Being able to genuinely self-appraise


• Demonstrating a love of learning

• Demonstrating enthusiasm in a special interest

• Caring for others

• Caring for the environment

• Demonstrating commitment to a cause