Windsor Primary School
Hornby Street, Windsor, VIC 3181

Tel: (03) 9521 3711

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Stonnington Primary School Parents.

For a school to function effectively parents and the school need to be in partnership.

Stonnington Primary School demonstrates this partnership. Parent involvement in the school is welcomed, valued and highly regarded.

Stonnington Primary School has a committed parent body that supports many activities at the school through attendance at events, fundraising, working bees and through membership of the various committees.

The Parent as Helpers program is conducted at various times throughout the year at the school, providing valuable training for parents prior to helping in the learning spaces.

The Kathy Ardoch Hall provides a fantastic venue for parents to meet formally and informally.

A school is a community reflective of the wider community in which it sits. Stonnington Primary School community is a vibrant, diverse cultural group providing a rich foundation for students and families to embrace the notion of global citizenship.

The School takes pride in its open-door policy and embraces parent participation. Stonnington Primary School parents are active and involved in the school. This takes on various forms such as School Council, Parent Association, Fund-raising, Classroom Helpers and Working Bees to name just a few. The School is fortunate to have a strong and supportive parent body that is readily welcoming of new families extending to embrace international students and their families.

The School is also well-supported by the wider community through the liaison with Ardoch, Bendigo Bank and Stonnington Council.

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