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Parent & Friends at SPS

The aim and objectives of the Parents & Friends Association is to:


  • contribute to the wellbeing of the school community;
  • to encourage the participation of families in the school community;
  • to provide opportunities for parents to discuss general educational concerns;
  • to contribute proposals to school council;
  • provide opportunities for parents to get to know each other, and to be informed about their child’s school; to provide information for parents to extend their understanding of school issues;
  • to work in cooperation with the school council and to raise funds for the benefit of the school.

SPS P&F Association office bearers consist of a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Co-ordinator, Education Coordinator and Social Coordinator who meet regularly throughout the year. P&F meetings are open to all parents/caregivers and we encourage attendance and participation to all in the school community.


Fundraising comprises of three main roles: organising & assisting with events; the sourcing of funds, items and donations which can be used in raffles throughout the year, and compiling grant applications.

Coming up with fresh ideas and continuing with popular events is important. The behind the scenes organisation of these events requires parent contribution to make them fun and successful for all.

To support fundraising events including BBQ, Disco’s, Movie Nights and raffles all need to be catered for and parent contribution is vital to make them successful fundraising events. Parents can help in many ways including assisting at these events, sourcing contacts for donations or approaching local traders and big businesses requesting contributions. Prizes may consist of sporting items, café vouchers, department store vouchers, scooters/bikes, MSAQ tickets etc, however to source these donations, parent assistance is needed.


The aim of Level coordinators or assistants (preferably a shared role) is to;

To help foster the connections between parents, their children and the school community;

To be a point of reference for the teachers by assisting and co-ordinating volunteers for excursions, organising rosters for classroom helpers etc.

The Role may include: Organising a morning tea for the parents in your grade; Contact parents regarding school activities/excursions; Maintain and distribute class contact lists; organise roster for parents who want to help in the classroom; Organise an end of year get together; Encourage parents to attend school functions and to update the Parent Co-ordinator with any changes to class contact details.


Parents can assist teachers in the classroom if requested. This can include with reading/maths/experiments and helping out with class incursions and excursions.


Annual School Events as SPS that require assistance include Twilight Sports, Harmony Day, Disco, Swimming,
Gala Days, Library visits, Sleepover and the School Production.

In these events you could help supervise the walking of children, selling food items (BBQ, Pizza, Harmony Day etc), setting up tables, decorating, making costumes, preparing food etc.

If you are interested or able to assist, please leave your name with Jo at the office or contact Michelle or through the office and we will arrange contact with the parent most able to use your valuable help.

Thank you
SPS P&F Association