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Stonnington Primary School - Physical Education

Stonnington Primary School’s Physical Education and Health Program is developed, implemented, and monitored in accordance with the AusVELS. The program is extensive and promotes a wide variety of sports and physical activity, as well as the importance of health related issues. The inclusive nature of the program focuses on participation, teamwork, skill / technique development, rules, sportsmanship, personal development and enjoyment. Promoting confidence, persistence, resilience, leadership, organisation and mutual respect are also a primary focus. 
Stonnington Primary School is a part of the School Sports Victoria 3SA Southport District. The Southport District is made up of 10 local primary schools within the South-Eastern Victorian Region. Stonnington Primary School competes regularly with schools within the district in swimming, cross country, athletics, and gala days.

The program has an objective of including teachers, parents and students to help assist in the implementation of the structured sports program.

On a weekly basis students’ participate in a 1 hour Physical Education lesson, 1 hour Level Sport session and 2 x Whole School Fitness sessions.

Students in Prep- Year 2 focus on learning basic and more complex motor skills, throwing and catching, movement, skipping, gymnastics, minor games and introduction to team sports.

Students in Year 3- 6 cover a wide variety of sports including: swimming, cross country, athletics, cricket, European Handball, touch rugby, AFL, basketball, soccer, teeball, ultimate frisbee, netball, hockey, sofcrosse, volleyball, Gaelic football, golf and tennis.

The following activities / events are also included in the Physical Education and Health Program: Swimming & Water Safety Program at GESAC, Bike Ed, Twilight Sports Evening, Walk Safely to School Day, Junior Sports Day, Sporting Schools Program, Footy Fun Day, Lunchtime Sport, Tommy Lahiff Cup, Staff Vs Students Soccer Match, School Swimming Carnival, School Cross Country, and School Athletics Carnival.

Sam FitzGerald

P.E Coodinator

Stonnington Primary School