Windsor Primary School
Hornby Street, Windsor, VIC 3181

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Student Services

At Stonnington Primary School we pride ourselves on catering for the whole child and ensuring all needs are catered for to the best of our ability. We are fortunate to have a wide range of expertise to draw on for this support.
The school offers a range of support people to work with students and families to cater for all their needs.

We work closely with Richard Wright our network physiologist who attends our school approximately one day a week. Murray Everly is also an Educational psychologist who supports our school for approximately 5 hours a week. These professionals help to support teachers, parents and students. They work with parents and staff to identify any students at risk both academically and socially. Early intervention is essential to ensuring the best for our students.

We also work with 2 speech therapists, Cathy Phillips (Network speech therapist) and Lane Schmerling. Lane supports our students on Disability funding and Cathy works with the class teachers to identify speech and language needs.
Additional Assistance is a major focus at Stonnington Primary School. We believe in targeting students at their point of need. This could be by supporting or extending students. We have an expert teacher working with staff and our Educational Psychologists to ensure all student needs are met at both ends of the spectrum.
Fortnightly Welfare/Restorative meetings are held with all staff members. These meetings all staff to remain up to date with information, enabling stronger support for all students. Ideas for improving our Restorative Practices, student leadership and sharing of resources are an integral part of these meetings as is monitoring student, parent or staff concenrs.

The CASSE (Creating A Safe and Secure Environment) program is a new 3 year initiative which began in 2012. This program has been well researched and trialled with very pleasing results. We are fortunate to be working with 2 specially trained CASSE consultants during this time. The program has 2 key elements. Firstly, it encourages thinking and reflecting. This is supported by our restorative practice program. Secondly, it promotes understanding of the hidden dynamics which can lead to bullying. The program is designed to make our whole school community think about power issues and power struggles involved in the dynamics of bullying. It promotes the idea of changing bystander behaviour to upstander behaviour to help stamp out bullying. The program also promotes inclusive peer relationships. A CASSE team comprised of students, teachers and parents has been developed to implement this model. This program will underpin all Behaviour and Wellbeing programs.

At Stonnington Primary School we are fortunate to be supported by Ardoch and parent volunteers. These volunteers are specifically trained to support students in their learning spaces. We also have excellent Education Support Officers who work cooperatively with teaching staff to ensure student needs are met.