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Restorative Practices for Parents

What are Restorative Practices?

Restorative Practices are innovative ways to:
Build communities of care around students whilst not condoning harmful behaviour. In other words, supporting people to take responsibility for their actions and repair any harm that has been done.
Recognise and encourage the contributions that all staff, parents, carers and the community makes in promoting healthy relationships. This will enable improved behaviour and a better learning environment.
Involve all those affected by the conflict to find a way forward by reducing anger and resentments.

Our School Needs You!

Support our Restorative Practices policy by encouraging your children to:
Try to see situations from the other person’s point of view
Pay closer attention to what people say to them and show that they are actively listening
Talk to others without sarcasm or put-downs
Express their feelings more often
Offer their support to other pupils through friendship or buddy program.
Use the language of Restorative Practices when dealing with incidents:
“Tell me what happened?” (Instead of blaming)
“Who has been affected by this behaviour?”
“How can we repair the harm?”

Benefits to the Whole School Community

Restorative practices can help our school by:
Making it a safer, happier place where your children’s talents can be recognised an rewarded.
Raising attendance.
Providing greater opportunities for support and mediation when conflict occurs.
Creating awareness of bullying behaviour and working towards a bully-free school.

How Does It Work?

Students involved in an incident all have an opportunity to talk about what happened in a conference.
Each student has an opportunity to express their feelings, discuss how they were harmed and how the harm could be repaired.
We work through the conferencing process until we reach a point of agreement and a sense of fairness and justice from all involved.