Windsor Primary School
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Stonnington Primary School - Years 5/6

Senior Learning Unit

Students in years 3-6 practise the four processes of Literacy (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) daily. This encourages students to practise their skills through independent work targeted at their ability and interest level.

Throughout the year the areas covered during Numeracy are Number and Algebra,  Statistics and Probability along with Measurement and Geometry. We employ the use of Maths games and open-ended activities with other students, computers and the interactive whiteboards to help students further develop their understanding of Mathematics.

Inquiry Learning is study that centres on the idea that learning should be based around student’s own questions. Subjects covered include: Technology, Health, Civics and Citizenship (rights and responsibilities as citizens; understanding their identity and roles in the community; learning to behave responsibly towards others and the environment and appreciating Australia’s role in global community) Humanities (Economics, Geography and History) and Science.